Fall 2016
Earlier this year, Ian Drummond had the good fortune to find over 4,000 pieces of 80s and 90s stock from a Spadina Avenue clothing manufacturer serving Toronto designers (we’re calling it “the Spadina Collection.”) They have been the most popular items at every show since then, and there's still plenty to go around.  A curated selection is coming with Ian to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show!

Vintage doesn't always mean cocktail dresses and disco suits! At this point in time, anything over 20 years old is considered "vintage" and those will be the most affordable items around.  Considering fashion's 20 year cycle, these items are right on trend today, with fashion-forward people moving toward wide-legged pants, embracing crop tops along with them, and showing some sternum for evening.

Taking an 80s double layer silk statement blouse with rhinestones and putting it with palazzo pants or a flared skirt in a colour (rather than black) - - or putting crayon-coloured polka dot tops with pencil skirts in contrasting colours means you can have fast-fashion style with old-school quality.

Finding them at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing shows means those who are early adopters of contemporary looks can stay ahead of the game – we’ll have Fall/Winter 2016 and Spring 2017 looks with us.

Vintage also affords one the chance to wear history, and is not only a guarantee you'll have something unique, but you'll also have something to talk about!  Of course we’ll have fantastic retro looks, from 1950s splendor, 70s maxi dresses, glittering cocktail wear from every era -- plus tweeds and plaids and other Designers with a capital D for your daywear looks too -- and they all work well with "the Spadina Collection" items. Have fun playing with separates from various decades to suit your own personal style! 

We urge everyone to consider vintage, because it's environmentally friendly, often incredibly affordable, and infinitely more interesting!